florence production: editorial and production services

Florence Production offers editorial and production services to book publishers, organizations and similar bodies. We take material from raw manuscript through the various editing procedures, typesetting, layouts and graphics to final print PDF, XML and chosen eBook formats.

You can choose all or just some of the elements of our workflow, according to your own particular processes.

All our work is carried out with great skill and, equally importantly, great care.

  • All key services in-house/onshore
  • First-class editorial and production skills
  • Fast, flexible, versatile
  • Clear communication at all times
  • Transparent and consistent costing.

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editorial: people & technology

Confidence in your supply companies is vital. For top editorial management and services, you really need that certainty. At Florence, quality assurance is at the heart of all that we do.

We have the right mix of people, methods and standards – combined with flexible workflows, software solutions and effective scheduling.

Make the most of our unique combination of software-supported editorial management and control to get the best possible service with optimal prices.

  • Pre-editing: Bespoke, detailed software controls for style, consistency, order, completeness … database updates for references … cross-checking, querying … plagiarism checks. Your house style and consistencies imposed – at the outset.
  • Copy-editing: The pre-editing stage leaves the copy-editors free to focus wholly on the text itself – and to do their job superbly.
  • Proofreading: Commented PDFs, more searches and further checks, layouts scrutinized: your proofreading requirements fulfilled – and expectations exceeded.
  • Indexing: Professional indexers, members of the Society of Indexers, use the best of indexing software to create the best of indexes.

At Florence we are all about people with top professional skills utilising the very best, and latest, software.

Florence Production and staff hold corporate and individual memberships of both the SfEP and The Society of Indexers.

project management: our desk is your desk

We can act as your out-of-house production editor, project managing your editorial and production requirements, in a mix that is right for you.

  • From raw or approved manuscript right through to final print PDF/XML/eBook. Clear and efficient, yet always friendly and professional: good communications are maintained all the way through the process, allowing you information and control yet keeping the daily management away from your desk!
  • Knowledgeable, skilled editorial staff liaise with authors, freelancers and production editors, manage the editorial and production processes, and bring each title safely through to completion.
  • Database controls: Reports, schedules, costs, controls, accessible status reports — all immediately to hand.

All workflows are completely tailored to your particular requirements.

workflows: bespoke solutions

All workflows are completely tailored to you and your particular requirements.

typesetting & graphics: the key to presentation

The all-important production stage. Presentation: in the right formats for the right media. A seamless workflow.

Design is often about using both the best and the most appropriate tools.

design, typesetting & layouts

Do you want operator-controlled layouts throughout? Or automatically drafted pages ready to be modified and adjusted manually? Or fully automated pagination mastered by carefully controlled software guidelines? Or would you prefer pagination at the final stage – when all corrections have been made?

The choice is yours: whatever is best for your book, your series, your projects.

It’s all about whatever method or blend of methods will work for you.

All can be achieved using the best software that Adobe Creative Suite can offer when linked to advanced software.

InDesign  •  Illustrator  •  Photoshop  •  Acrobat

Books are not simply about words. Equations, tables, languages, scripts, mixed text and graphics, footnotes and endnotes – all can be included in a comprehensive workflow.


From freehand illustrations to computer-generated art – charts, graphs, redraws, plans, artwork preparation, extraction, enhancement and Photoshop improvements. All are available to get you the best possible results.

PDF editing

The ability to edit in Acrobat is now a reality. When your access to legacy files is limited, there are indeed solutions available.


All workflows are completely tailored to you and your particular requirements.

XML first & last: the world of code

Working with the pre-editing and automated solutions described, granular XML can be produced at the pre-editing/pre-production stage.

XML can then be maintained and/or efficiently exported at any point throughout the production process depending on the systems you choose: the ones that work best for you.

And once the content and layouts have been finally approved all required formats can be output with minimum fuss: print ready PDF, web PDF, validated XML and eBooks.

All ready at that one touch!